Mosquito Zapper

The Make Lemonade Mosquito Zapper swats, attracts and eliminates pesky mosquitos, fruit flies, and more. Use the handheld swatter for quick slays, or the complete base unit for overnight coverage.


No tools are required to start swatting.


1. Place the mosquito swatter into the base and turn the lock clockwise (right) to lock the swatter into place.
2. Connect the Micro-USB Power Cable into the base and plug cord into an electrical outlet. 3. Turn the unit ON/OFF using the power switch at the bottom of the base. *When ON, the base will begin charging the swatter*

The base contains a photoelectric sensor that automatically turns the unit ON in the dark and OFF in the light. An invisible UV LED light attracts bugs and kills them on contact.


1. Turn the security lock counterclockwise (left) to remove the swatter from the base of the unit.
2. Carefully grip the swatter handle and press and hold the power button. Mosquitos get zapped on contact.

KEEP IN MIND…The swatter should never be used on a person, animal or for ping pong.


1. Only female mosquitos bite.
2. Mosquitos prefer darker colors so if you’re trying to avoid them, opt for lighter colored clothing.
3. Mosquitos and werewolves are more active during a full moon.


This Make Lemonade Mosquito Zapper comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. In order to obtain warranty service on your Make Lemonade product, contact a Consumer Relations representative by email for your country of residence. In your email, please include the model number of the product you are inquiring about.

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