Well-being starts with a smile.

What makes you smile? For Make Lemonade it’s the feeling of relief that comes with winding down for the day. It’s the first stretch of the morning. It’s the comfort of a well balanced life.

Our mission is to lend a helping hand on your quest to improve your personal health and wellness. (And bring a smile to your face, of course.)   

We’re committed to helping you on your wellness quest. 

That is how we Make Lemonade.   


A note from our founder:

If you had told me a few years ago that I would end up launching my own wellness company, I would never have believed you. After two knee surgeries, severe back issues, and other health roadblocks, I found myself in a rough place physically and mentally. I woke up one morning and felt a powerful urge to change; I became fully committed to taking my health back.

During my wellness quest, I tried hundreds of different ideas. While many worked well, I eventually learned the one thing I really needed to succeed: becoming committed to self-care. There’s no product or formula out there that can replace the promise you make to care for yourself constantly. That realization was the seed that helped Make Lemonade begin to grow.

I am excited that you are taking back your health. A healthy life is a beautiful life — and we are passionate about helping you get there!

Daniel Kaufman