Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

This diffuser uses ultrasonic, high frequency technology to convert the water and essential oil into a fine mist that is dispersed into the air evenly, delivering natural aroma to enhance your mood.

Getting Started

How To Use and Defuse

First, remove the outer and inner covers from the base
With the covers removed, pour fresh, clean water into the reservoir until it reaches the max fill line. For best results, we recommend using distilled water that is free of harsh minerals that could cause build-up in your diffuser
Next, add 5-7 drops of your choice of essential oil to the water. You may choose to add more or less depending on your preferences and the strength of the scent you choose
Put the inner cover and outer covers back on over the base
Set your Make Lemonade diffuser on a flat surface within reach of an outlet. Plug the USB power cable into the diffuser and then plug the power cable into the USB port on your computer or other device. Use caution when plugging the unit in to avoid spilling water and essential oil
Your diffuser has two mist options. Press the power button once for a continuous mist, which will last for up to 6 hours. Press the power button a second time for an intermittent mist (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off), which will last for up to 12 hours. Press the power button a third time to turn the mist off
To choose your light options, press the bottom light button to turn on the color-changing light. Press the same button again to stop on a preferred color. Press the button a third time to turn the light off
When your diffuser runs out of water it will automatically shut off. However, if you would like to turn it off manually, simply press and hold the power button until all unit functions power down
Clean the surface of your Make Lemonade diffuser as needed with a damp, soft cloth. However, we recommend that you clean the reservoir and ultrasonic membrane with a clean, damp cloth every two weeks – more or less – depending on how often you use it. This will help to remove any essential oil build up or mineral deposit from hard water that could lead to malfunctions. Moreover, be sure to thoroughly clean your diffuser before extended periods of disuse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of water is recommended – distilled, tap, or mineral?

So long as it’s clean, any water will work in your Make Lemonade diffuser, but we recommend that you use distilled water. Distilled water has fewer minerals than tap water and will help to prevent mineral build up that could clog the diffuser and lead to premature wear and tear. If you choose not to use distilled water, we simply recommend that you clean your diffuser more often according to the cleaning instructions.

How much water does this diffuser hold?

This diffuser has a reservoir capacity of 100mL. While it may seem as if your diffuser can hold more than 100mL, you should not fill the diffuser past the max-fill line.

How big of a room does this diffuser work in?

The Serena diffuser can be used in any room so long as there is access to a USB port. However, with a reservoir tank that holds 100mL of water, a continuous runtime of 6 hours, and an intermittent runtime of 12 hours, the Serena diffuser is most effective in a small space. Use this diffuser plugged into your computer in you cubicle at work, or use it in your home office space.

Is this diffuser durable?

Yes! This diffuser is made from durable, hard, BPA-free plastic. While we wouldn’t recommend throwing it against a wall, it can withstand most bumps and tumbles. It is also pretty small and compact, so you can pack it in your luggage and rest assured that it will make it to your destination intact.

What are the dimensions of this diffuser?

Your Make Lemonade Serena diffuser measures 7.5 inches in height by 4 inches in width.

Does this diffuser use heat to diffuse?

No, this diffuser doesn’t use any heat to diffuse the water and essential oil. Because of the ultrasonic technology, there is no heat involved.

Does this diffuser turn off on its own once it’s empty?

Yes! When the water level gets too low, your Make Lemonade diffuser will automatically power off on its own – so no need to worry if you leave it running!

Does this diffuser run on batteries?

No, this diffuser is not battery operated. This diffuser is powered by a USB power cable (included) that you can plug in to your computer or other device.

Do I need a carrier oil?

No carrier oil is needed for use in this Make Lemonade aroma diffuser. Carrier oils are only needed when you want to topically apply essential oils.

Is this diffuser BPA-free?

Yes! While the effects of BPA are still unclear and BPA has only been restricted for some childcare products, there is no BPA in any of the Make Lemonade diffusers, so they are safe to use around the home. But more than that, all of our products have gone through extensive toxicity testing to meet US and worldwide compliance standards.

Picking Your Essential Oil

Diffusing essential oils in your home or workplace is a common form of aromatherapy and can be very beneficial if you understand the properties of essential oils. Each scent has different therapeutic effects – for example: Peppermint oil is cool and refreshing, Lavender oil is warm and soothing, and Lemon oil is clean and uplifting. While some oils have relaxing properties that inspire tranquility, others are invigorating and help to boost your energy. So, when it comes to picking an essential oil, it’s important that you do your research to understand the benefits each essential oil has for your well-being.


At Make Lemonade, we recommend that you only use 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils in your Make Lemonade diffuser. Essential oils that aren’t 100% pure may contain harmful adulterants which could cause skin or allergy irritations, or even make you sick. Moreover, filler ingredients can dilute the oil, thereby reducing its beneficial therapeutic effects.


If your Make Lemonade Serena diffuser is not emitting any mist, one of the following problems may be occurring:

The power supply is not connected

Check to see if the USB power cable is securely plugged in to the USB port on your computer or other device.

There is insufficient water in the diffuser reservoir

Remove the outer and inner covers from the base in order to check the water level in the diffuser. If the water level appears low, refill the water reservoir to the max fill line.

The water is exceeding the max fill line

Your diffuser may not operate correctly if the water exceeds the max fill line. Remove the outer and inner covers and dump the excess water out of the reservoir.

The ultrasonic membrane is clogged with essential oil buildup

We recommend that you clean the membrane of your diffuser on a biweekly basis. Remove the outer and inner covers and clean the membrane with a soft, damp cloth.

Color-Changing Light

The gentle glow creates a peaceful environment. Choose the color that best matches your mood.


Enjoy up to 20 hours of continuous runtime and up to 40 hours of intermitter runtime.


Alleviates the dry air in your home and replenishes your space with lush humidity.


When the reservoir is empty the unit will shut off automatically based on the runtime.


This Make Lemonade essential oil diffuser comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. In order to obtain warranty service on your Make Lemonade product, contact a Consumer Relations representative by email for your country of residence. In your email, please include the model number of the product you are inquiring about.

Our Promise

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