Fear not…no tools or batteries are required to enjoy your massager.

Securely fasten the massager to the chair of your choice with the integrated Velcro straps for stability.
Plug the power adapter into a 120V outlet.
Using the attached remote, choose your desired setting. When selecting a feature; press the button once to enable and twice to disable.

*When not in use, store the remote in the pocket located on the side of the massage cushion seat*

DON’T FORGET…The massager has a 15-minute autotimer to prevent overheating. Use beyond 15 minutes at a time is not recommended.

IT’S A COVER UP…The cover attached to the back of the massager with Velcro can be used for storage, protectionof your unit or added padding during use. To achieve a more intense massage, remove the cover for direct contact with the nodes.