UV Dustmite Vacuum

The Make Lemonade UV Dustmite Vacuum removes harmful and bothersome irritants such as pet dander, allergens and bacteria through the replaceable HEPA filter.  UV bulbs destroy dustmites without the use of harsh chemicals for a safer cleaning. Ideal for home use or on the go with cordless portability and a rechargeable battery

Getting Started

Make sure the vacuums parts are all installed in the correct position.
Fully charge at least 3 hours prior to first use by plugging the adapter into the base and placing the vacuum inside.


Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the vacuum.

*When the vacuum securely contacts a surface, the pressure-sensitive switches and UV lamp will activate, and the BLUE indicator light will illuminate. When lifted off of a surface, all of the above will shut off*

Clean Up

1. Keep the vacuum clean of dust and debris by wiping the exterior with a clean, cotton cloth. Ensure the vacuum is OFF before cleaning and never use water or detergents to wash the exterior of the unit.

2. Remove the dust box by rotating the filter until it can be removed from the unit. To clean the filter set:

    a. Disassemble the dust box set and remove the metal and HEPA filter.
    b. Rinse and dry the metal filter and tap the HEPA filter to dispose of retained dust.
    c. Rinse and dry the HEPA filter before reusing.
    d. Once all filters are completely dry, replace the dust box set and ensure it is installed securely.

3. To clean the sponge filter located on the right side of the vacuum, unlock the cover and remove the sponge. Once rinsed and dried, the filter can be reused.

We Warned You

1. The Dustmite Vacuum should never be used by children, and the UV lamp should NEVER be directly exposed to humans, plants or animals. Like…ever.

2. Exposure to the UV light when in use can cause damage to your skin and eyes….so don’t look at it. If for some reason you do look into the light, consult with your physician immediately.

3. Only use the supplied power adapter. If you lose/destroy/damage yours, contact our awesome support team for a new one.

4. Never install a wet dust box or filter or attempt to vacuum up dangerous objects such as hot ashes, chemicals, glass or other objects that could block the air channel on the unit. If you do end up sucking up these types of items, shut the unit off and clean the dust box.

Quick Reminder

*The UV lamp is designed to automatically turn off when lifted off the surface being cleaned, HOWEVER you should always be mindful to never direct the light towards any human or pet.*


This Make Lemonade massage product comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. In order to obtain warranty service on your Make Lemonade product, contact a Consumer Relations representative by email for your country of residence. In your email, please include the model number of the product you are inquiring about.

Our Promise

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