Desk Lamp Fan

The Make Lemonade 3in1 Desk Lamp with Fan and Mirror combines a dimmable doublesided solid lamp and selfie ring light, high speed fan and mini makeup mirror so you’re always ready for your close up. Featuring a flexible, compact design and rechargeable battery for easy transport between bedrooms, the office, photo shoots and more. Perfect for reading, studying and crafting


Fear not…no tools or batteries are required to enjoy your 3-in-1 Desk Lamp. USB cable is included

Connect the USB cable to the unit and fully charge before first use. *this takes approximately 5.5 hours*
Turn the switch on the back of the lamp to turn the unit on.
Use the buttons inlayed on the base of the unit to control the intensity of the lamp and fan.

a. Touch Controls:

i. Fan: Single touch to turn on/off

ii. Light: Single touch to turn on/off; hold the button to dim or brighten

Bend the lamp to adjust the mirror to your desired angle. Remove the protective film before first use.

*Do not bend the lamp lower than the fan. Doing so may cause harm or injury to you or the product*

To turn all features off, turn the switch on the back to off.

KEEP IN MIND… You’ll need to recharge after every 3-10 hours of usage. When used individually the fan battery life is 10 hours, while the lamp battery life is 7 hours.


This Make Lemonade massage product comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. In order to obtain warranty service on your Make Lemonade product, contact a Consumer Relations representative by email for your country of residence. In your email, please include the model number of the product you are inquiring about.

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