Why travel to a spa when you can create one at home with Make Lemonade? Customizing your space will give you the power to be your most peaceful self as you embrace self care and increased personal wellness. Our spa products are here to promote rejuvenation without having to break the bank.

Footbath Benefits

Enjoy some bubbles and bubbly while getting the massage that you deserve. Our foot bath is the perfect at-home spa addition with heat and water, the best duo to create a relaxing environment for you, including the endless benefits from acupressure therapy. Skip the nail spa and start a pedicure in the comfort of your own home. You deserve to escape reality for a little while!.

Footbath Features

Our footbath's allow you to experience a trip to the spa, from the comfort of your own home. With integrated bubble massage and heat maintenance technology, relaxation is only a soak away.


Gentle bubble massages soothe and relax tired feet


Designed to maintain water at the temperature you put it in at