Portable Vacuums

The only thing that should suck while cleaning, is your vacuum. Make Lemonade believes that keeping your home, car or any space that needs a quick clean up should be simple, stylish and stress-free. From dust mites and dander to crumbs and spills, all of our vacuum’s make life’s little messes less daunting so you can breathe easy.

Kids, pets and daily life can get messy, but it doesn’t mean your car or small space needs to be. Our compact and space-saving vacuums make cleaning on the go more convenient than ever. Get full coverage cleaning or stay on top of daily detailing with portable and rechargeable options, or safely utilize the efficiency of UV lighting to banish bacteria. .

The Make Lemonade Vacuum lineup uses reliable HEPA filtration or non-toxic and environmentally friendly UV bulbs to ensure safe and swift cleanups. Our vacuum’s feature all or some of the following benefits:

Compact Design

Made to fit in your cup holder or glove box for easy access with a complimentary style to your car’s interior


Designed to trap pollutants, allergy irritants, pet dander and more for efficient air filtration


Banish 99.99% of dust mites and bacteria with 2 quick passes in 5 seconds or less for an environmentally safe cleaning


Great for mattresses and other fabric surfaces, as well as hard top surfaces that carry harmful bacteria